"Allow me to say that I have been to every fancy spa from the east bay to the south bay and although I have a few massage therapists I think highly of, there is not 1 of them that compares to Aimee.  Just my luck I came across Aimee during the second trimester of my pregnancy and I was looking into a birth center that had her information for visitors interested in prenatal massage.  There is not ONE prenatal massage therapist I have come in contact with that has ANYTHING ON AIMEE!!  SHE IS A GOD SEND!!  Her ability to literally erase the pain I was experiencing from sciatic nerve pinching - she did that our first appointment and I have fallen in love with her!  She is consistent and her technique is so effective I feel like a brand new woman every time I get time with Aimee!!  My baby just adores when she can see me as well!  So if anyone is looking for an amazing massage (especially a talented PRENATAL massage therapist) who can literally work miracles, Aimee is the go to person!  I swear by her!!  Aimee even comes to my house!  I would literally travel wherever need be for an appointment but Aimee offers the added service of in home massage therapy.  That is pretty rare and pretty amazing!  I can't express what a relief it is to get an awesome massage in the comfort of my own home and then be able to continue the relaxation from there without having to drive home from a spa and deal with traffic etc.  It's just awesome!!  Aimee is just incredible as a person and as a professional. THE BEST - EVER!!!"

-Mahra B. Castro Valley, California


"My husband and I have been seeing Aimee for a few years and can say that she is definitely the best massage therapist we have ever experienced.  Both personable and professional, Aimee has an excellent understanding of the mechanics of the body and has helped both of us through injuries and tension.  She listens to and remembers what you prefer in a massage, but she is also very sensitive and can feel where you are having issues in your body.  She is ALWAYS on time and arrives with everything so that your home massage as good as at a spa.  I highly recommend Aimee and have referred my friends to her and given her services as a gift for client."
-Shanna K.  Tustin, California


"I had neck pains for over a year. I spend a lot of time in front of a computer which I'm sure caused the pain. Everyday for a year I had to constantly crack my neck just to keep it from locking up.
Since receiving massage therapy from Aimee, my neck pain is gone. She seemed to have an intuitive understanding of where the pain came from, and worked on parts of my neck/shoulders/back I didn't even think were relevant. She clearly knows her practice well. Also, she's an amazing person. Just being with her you can tell she's full of compassion and love.
I'd recommend her to anyone."

-John B.  Laguna Beach, California


"Wow! I cannot say enough greeeat things about Aimee! She is by far the best therapist I have ever been to. Aimee is genuine, intuitive, and makes you feel perfectly comfortable. She has an ingenious knack for knowing just where I need work done and has tremendously helped my sciatic pain. She truly loves her work and it shows through what an incredible therapist she is!"

-Karly W.  Fullerton, California


"I've had massages with Aimee on multiple occasions, and have found her to be an outstanding therapist ... one of the best I've encountered, and certainly the best I've had in Orange County.  She clearly knows how to listen and adjust to the needs of each client, and has the experience and skill to customize each massage around the style and pressure the client desires.  
As a distance runner, who needs more attention in several areas where tightness and/or soreness are frequent issues, she has always been outstanding at zeroing in on the areas and loosening up the tight muscles ... one reason she is a great therapist for runners and athletes is that she has run multiple marathons herself, so is very aware of the specific issues that come up for runners.    
I have been extremely impressed with Aimee's skills and professionalism, and recommend her highly."

-Jim R.  Corona Del Mar, California


"Aimee is a wonderful massage therapist!  I am a yoga teacher and massage therapist myself and Aimee is the only one that works on me.  She has incredible skill and a wide range of massage modalities at her finger tips.  It does not get better!"
-Carl B.  Laguna Beach, California


"​Aimee is a master at her craft. She is a very skilled and intuitive therapist. I am also a therapist and I only go to the best when I need a massage. I leave her table floating on a cloud of pure bliss every time." 

-Brook G.  Laguna Beach, California


"Aimee is incredible, amazing, and really has the ability to get you out of pain! Through the years I have had many massage therapists and Aimee is by far the BEST! She listens carefully to what you need and gets quick results.
She is truly gifted and I can't say enough good things about her work."
-Robin T.  Laguna Beach, California

What Clients are Saying...

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